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Jul 11 / Karen

Scoreboard KAL


Training Camp Starts NOW!

Join our team, the Titans of Knitting Temptations, and our star player, Michelle “Knit Purl” Hunter, this September for a fanatical project that combines two favorite Fall past-times — KNITTING and FOOTBALL!

Knit a lovely, striped cowl using Simplicity by HiKoo in your favorite team’s colors. Interested in knowing more and getting in the game? Keep reading below for all the info!

PRE-SEASON: Watch this short VIDEO to see Michelle explain the project.

TRAINING CAMP: Gather your supplies! Find the complete SUPPLY LIST at the Scoreboard KAL website. Looking for NFL team colors? Skacel Collection has you covered! Looking for college team colors? Here’s some help with BIG10 teams:


If you need help with additional college/high school colors, give us a call. Get your supplies from Knitting Temptations — we have Simplicity available Online and in the shop.

PLAY BOOK: Join Michelle at Knitting Temptations on September 3rd for KICK-OFF! Michelle will lead the team to cast on and get started. Come anytime 3:00pm-7:00pm to join the Cast-On Party!

GAME PLAN: Knit your cowl while you watch your favorite team’s games this Fall! The scoring during each game determines your unique striping pattern!

So how about now? I’ll ask again — ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL KNITTING?!  🙂

Happy Knitting,


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