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    1. Terrie Lewis / Jul 9 2019

      I was in the shop last night and saw the hat made with Crazy. it’s beautiful! I definitely will now have a couple of more projects on the needles as I intend not only to make the hat, but also the night shift shawl.

    2. Paula Harer / Jul 14 2019

      I can’t figure out how to register.


    3. Beth Hanson / Jul 25 2019

      I know! We love it too! Can’t wait to get that on my needles.

    4. Beth Hanson / Jul 25 2019

      Hi! If you go the Knitting Temptations home page, there is a subscribe button to the far right. Click on that. On that page there is a link to click on that should get you all signed up! Thanks for subscribing!

    5. susan ryder / Sep 26 2019

      How do I sign up for a class? My friend and I are interested in the introduction to Knitting class on Oct 26th.

    6. Beth Hanson / Sep 26 2019

      Hi Susan! We would love for you to sign up! Sign up by calling 614-734-0618. We can do everything over the phone.
      Thanks for your interest,
      Knitting Temptations

    7. Liz Williams / Sep 26 2019

      I am interested in the October 5 class. Thanks. – Liz

    8. Michelle Clemmer / Sep 27 2019

      I would like to attend the beginning knitting class on October 7th.

    9. Beth Hanson / Sep 27 2019

      Hi Michelle! That’s great! Is it possible for you to call the shop to register over the phone? The number is 614-734-0618. The store hours tomorrow are 10am-4pm. So glad that you are interested!
      Knitting Temptations

    10. Beth Hanson / Sep 27 2019

      Hi Liz! I think that you will really enjoy the magic loop method of knitting and Karen is a wonderful teacher.
      Is it possible for you to phone the shop tomorrow to register that way? We aren’t really set up to take registrations on the website. The phone number is 614-734-0618.

      Thanks so much!
      Knitting Temptations

    11. Paula Swetlick / Sep 30 2019

      Do we just show up for the class, or do I need to call and register?
      Thank you,

    12. Beth Hanson / Sep 30 2019

      Hi Paula! Yes, please call and register. 614-734-0618. Thanks for your interest! Knitting Temptations

    13. Lori Carmendy / Oct 1 2019

      I’ll be there later and need help!


    14. Beth Hanson / Oct 4 2019

      Hi Lori! Sorry that I didn’t get this! We’d be happy to help!
      Knitting Temtations

    15. Regan Jaccaud / Nov 7 2019

      Hello! – I see I jsut missed the magic loop class. I am desperate to learn! Can you please tell me when you are offering this again?

      Thank you!

    16. Beth Hanson / Nov 7 2019

      Hi Regan! We’d really be happy to teach magic loop to you any time. If you call the shop, we’d be happy to set something up for you! 614-734-0618

      Beth Hanson

    17. Tina Matune / Nov 7 2019

      I think I told Karen but just wanted to be sure I let you know I plan on attending event for Michelle.
      Tina Matune

    18. Beth Hanson / Nov 8 2019

      Hi Tina! We have you down to attend. See you tomorrow!

    19. Rebecca Bianco / Dec 2 2019

      Hoping to catch up. Thanks for the chance to practice Gansey

    20. Beth Hanson / Dec 2 2019

      Hi! So excited that you are participating! We met together for the first time. Here are a couple of suggestions:
      1) The pattern uses a garter stitch border – three knit stitches on both sides. The written instructions and the charts do not mention the garter stitch border. So we are suggesting a stitch marker three stitches in on both ends to jog our memories to do the border.
      2) If you are using the written instructions rather than the charts, there are a couple of mistakes for December 1 and December 2. On December 1, Row 21 should start out K3, P5, K3 rather than P3, K5, P3. On December 2, Row 29 should start K3, P1, K3, P1, K3 rather than K3, P1, K3, P1, K2.
      3) It might be a good idea to write the row numbers on the charts – they are a little hard to read.
      4) Life lines to separate each day’s rows.
      5) Join the Ravelry group “Sock Madness Forever.” There is a thread for the Advent Scarf 2019 KAL and the designer, Tricia Weatherston, will post any errors in the daily patterns there.

      I think that’s it for now!
      Thanks for getting in touch,