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  1. Terrie Lewis / Jul 9 2019

    I was in the shop last night and saw the hat made with Crazy. it’s beautiful! I definitely will now have a couple of more projects on the needles as I intend not only to make the hat, but also the night shift shawl.

  2. Paula Harer / Jul 14 2019

    I can’t figure out how to register.


  3. Beth Hanson / Jul 25 2019

    I know! We love it too! Can’t wait to get that on my needles.

  4. Beth Hanson / Jul 25 2019

    Hi! If you go the Knitting Temptations home page, there is a subscribe button to the far right. Click on that. On that page there is a link to click on that should get you all signed up! Thanks for subscribing!